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Sacred Living Defined

7 Sacred Lifestyle Principles of Sacred Living

Relationship with Self and the Cultivation of Sovereignty

Relationship with Others, the Environment and Karma

Importance of Physical Exercise and Vitality

Significance of Mindful Dining and the Senses

Relationship with Abundance, Correct Alliance and Fulfillment of Life Destiny

Understanding the Nature of the Emotional Body and its impact on the state of Mental Health

Cultivation of Spirit Expression combined with the significance of Guru and Deities

From these seven principles of sacred lifestyle, a path to wholeness, the anchor point of sacred living, is developed for cultivating the sovereign individual. A sovereign individual is fully transformed into an awakened state, centered, in tune and clear about who they are, what they have to offer humanity and how best to express that gift or talent.

This is the goal of Sacred Living Institute, to cultivate wholeness and instill the profound understanding of the natural principles that guide the unfolding individual into powerful life expression.