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This is a private retreat intended for a very small group of people. This is not a public event. Therefore, please do not publicize this as an event to bring in a huge crowd – that is the last thing we want to create. Please share freely with close friends who you are certain are in good health and who would be happy to purchase one of the retreat packages being offered in limited quantity …or a one day pass to support the project and assist with expenses for creating the atmosphere.  

The main cause for conducting this retreat is to enroll facilitators and healers onto our online school, Sacred Living and to provide an array of services at our new Sacred Retreat Center.  While we are establishing relationships with our local healers and teachers of sacred knowledge, we have invited a few choice musicians to add to the ambience of the holiday celebration and to assist in creating a pleasurable, enjoyable atmosphere. 

Each day, we will be video recording, taking photos and conducting one-on-one interviews with each teacher and healer. Even if there are one or two people attending the workshop, the focus is on gaining material for creating online courses. Attendance is not a concern – quality of content gathered for representing each healer and teacher – online – is the focus.

This special retreat also initiates the set up of a new infrastructure for the retreat center. In this way, we can test-drive the new accommodation offerings, the layout of facilities and a format to conduct business operations. 

Yes, you can invite your friends, however, only a handful as we do not want a large group gathering nor do we wish to jeopardize the health of anyone attending. Therefore, if a friend would like to come, then we ask that each person pays $75 each day to honor the space that we have created. This daily fee is intended to offset a running flow of visitors and casual friends dropping in as it also assists with costs of food, services and operations.

Expect each person to have their temperature taken and to complete a short questionnaire before being allowed to enter the main building.


Sunday is our “FREE” day for the retreat.

Sunday is “Market Day on the Lawn” where our teachers, facilitators, artists and craftspeople have booths and present their products, services and crafts for sale.

From 12:00 noon to 2:00pm – Brunch is served.  A $20 donation is requested for the meal

Blue Dragon Jazz Trio will be performing on the Lanai from 12:30 to 3:00pm

Please enjoy!

Healers and facilitators are paid for their offerings through the special retreat packages selected by the person who has paid for attending the retreat or purchased the “One day pass”.  Since this is a private retreat and it is not promoted, we ask that facilitators and healers refrain from expecting to earn a substantial amount of money, rather that they focus on developing their workshop or healing service into a viable product for Sacred Retreat Center and the online Sacred Living Institute educational platform. Our staff is working diligently to set up profiles and products, videos and tools for each facilitator and healer so that they benefit greatly in the near future once the retreat center and online school is fully established. 

Workshop facilitators are welcome to pass around a basket for donations at the end of their workshop, if so desire. Healers must state the price of each service offered and earn from that transaction. 

Musicians are paid by Sacred Retreat Center and are intended to create the ambience while Sacred Retreat Center is getting organized…. Please enjoy!

The sale of retreat packages assists greatly with covering the expenses for musicians and food that we are enjoying as we establish this new forum for our community and wider audience. Any efforts you put forth to assist us in selling the few retreat packages available will benefit tremendously and we are happy to offer you a 5% commission.

Each person has their temperature taken as soon as they arrive. In this way, we can establish a screening process that protects the environment and the people attending the retreat.

Sanitizing stations are placed throughout the space encouraging all guests to wash their hands often. Guests are encouraged to spend time outdoors in common social areas – as much as possible – and enjoy the bounty of fresh ocean breeze that flows through our property continuously.  There are many sweet, common spaces outside and around the mansion, including the fabulous pool.

While residing in enclosed environments, guests are encouraged to wear masks during the lecture or workshop in common breathing spaces to avoid the potential of contamination. 

Sacred Retreat Center is a registered boutique bed and breakfast. This is not an event. This special retreat offering is available to anyone who would like to pay for a hotel accommodation that includes exceptional spa and healing treatments, an educational forum on sacred living, offers healthy cuisine and delightful entertainment while choosing to be in their own personal space or maybe mingling in common social areas. 

The local coffee shop serves many, many more people, per day, beyond what this retreat intends to host. 

Our plans include establishing a healing spa, a cafe that serves healthy, vegan, gluten-free, organic food (SHIVA DIVA FOODS) and an educational forum for seekers who wish to learn how to live a sacred lifestyle. This private retreat is an exercise in gathering the healers and teachers together for coordinating services and offerings as it assists in the manifestation of that vision rapidly. 

After this private retreat, we will understand more on how to offer healing services and educational workshops with tremendous ease as we open to the public and a wider audience.  Thank you for participating in this exercise. We hope that you enjoy and appreciate the efforts. 

Our next special retreat celebration is scheduled for February 2022, Valentines week, February 13-19. The theme for the next retreat is: “Harmonics Resonance of Love” and the focus is on sound healing. We will be featuring the facilitators who specialize in using sound for healing and clearing, activating and enriching.