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Wolfgang Thom

Sound healing for attuning the subtle body

Life is love and homeostasis



Shiva’s life long healing and learning journey lead’s to a deep knowing that we are one. Life is love and homeostasis, so why are humans so fragmented and unbalanced?

What can we do to create balance and inner peace for our systems?

Even if you live in perfect understanding of your oneness with all, you might still be carrying stress and accumulated tension/trauma  in your mind/body.

In a good DeepNidra session where you simply rest and follow the voice of your instructor, your system will reset and leave you with a sense of profound rejuvenation.






ShivaRam’s unique teaching style begins with deep listening, which activates natural connection and leads to a completely customized treatment plan for each student.
Healing Tools

harness the mind and identify with a space and silence beyond words


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Experience Shiva

“I am so grateful to have met ShivaRam. Through ShivaRam’s deep knowledge of yoga, and his teaching style, I have found myself grounded and with a peacefulness in my heart as never before. He has invited and guided me on a wonderful journey connecting me with the many different techniques of breath, meditation and physical practice through his vast experience. And as much as he has has helped my physical practice, (I have found great relief from several chronic injuries),I have found a spiritual grounding and balance that has enabled me to strengthen my mind, body & soul anew. Even though every practice is different (which I adore), I am ALWAYS left from my time with ShivaRam with a feeling of being peaceful, grounded, and balanced from within. I have found my practice, and my life, has deepened on every level. Namaste.” – Amy F. New York City

“My practice with ShivaRam is like feeding pure natural medicine to my soul. He knows how to apply just the right amount of guidance to help me find my own inner navigation system which creates a stronger spiritual, physical and mental balance on and off the mat. I am so grateful to have discovered him. A real gem.” – Brad L, San Francisco, CA

“ShivaRam is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had. He’s so good at explaining poses, helping me identify which muscles to use, which not to use….I’ve done yoga for many years, and feel I am just getting to really understand some of the poses. He’s helped me gain confidence in my body after suffering from a painful back and wrist problem–I have really come to value the therapeutic power of yoga since working with him. I’ve also learned how to listen to my body and understand it better, and I put this down to ShivaRam’s careful attention, capacity to listen, and deep conviction in the healing power of yoga. I also appreciate the spiritual dimension he brings to his classes, his humor, and the calming presence of his adorable dog, Luca.” – Stephanie D, Kerhonkson NY

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Harmonize the Home

Priced for Family of 4. Add $50 for each additional family member