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By truly understanding the body as an energy antenna between earth and sky, we learn to harness the mind and identify with a space and silence beyond words. This peace and understanding is our birthright.
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Breath work is the most powerful resource that we have. It has been with us our entire life as it helps us to integrate our past so that we can move into a fulfilling future. … Continue readingCarolyn

Rev April Lee, BA

When serving others becomes the interest of each aspiring soul, we earn the right to be the Transmitters of the Flames that have been Created by Great Beings so long ago, that the concept of time is not relevant. … Continue readingRev April Lee, BA

Michal Anna

Fuel your inner fire, Increase balance, enhance left-right brain connections,  know the self and shine while getting great exercise and having fun. … Continue readingMichal Anna


“The difference between the correct point and the almost-correct point is like the difference between the lightning bolt and the fire fly”. … Continue readingYoav